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Below are a few samples of The Absaroka Kid's fine leather holsters.
The Absaroka Kid makes a variety of fine holsters for your faovirte firearms, including for .38/.357 Snubbies, North American Arms mini-revolvers, Ruger Bearact, Sig P238, American Derringers, Cobra Derringers, and others, in both pocket/purse and belt configurations. The Kid also produces a variety of leather soltuions to discretely carry extra ammo, either in the pocket or on your belt--as well as the belt, too!

You can check out the Kid's "eBay Store" by using the menu link on the upper left side, or go through the various holsters listed in the "Holsters" section and then contact The Kid dictectly via email to order your custom holster. He'll try to get back to you as soon as he can, but he runs a busy one-man show and spends most of his time producing new works of art in leather.

Look around, see what you like, and let us know what you want. And, please be sure to contact the Kid before purchasing if you order contains any customization--like color change, initials, add metal clips, etc. If you do not, what you see in the picture will include the options that you receive in your order.

Also, please note that this website is still under construction, so all pages may not be working yet.
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